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How 'bout these OK boys

Now these dudes are seriously pushin' the boundaries of wakeskating. How you ask!? Well, no I don't mean that they're throwin' inverts or droppin' in from the train trestle...I simply mean that they're leaving out the "wake" part of the sport. They even refer to it appropriately as "sk8ing", and they have one h3ll of a "skate park" on the Arkansas River throughout the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

image: Andrew Black ridin' behind his ATV along the river banks just up from downtown TulsaWe joined up with Andrew Black of Smith Productions and a couple of his crew, Phillip and Jared, to see about this new low river skating that they talked about...damn I'm impressed. Look for lots more from these dudes as they further develop their playground, but for now...

Check out the photo gallery from ATV-powered wakeskating along the banks of the Arkansas River.

My Steamy Summer Vacation

image: Joseph Northup shuvin' every minute of itAs we get older, we often lose sight the of freedom of the summer. These guys always remind me of what I should be doing with my extra daylight hours. I just gotta keep in mind that it's not really that hot...yeah right!

Here's a quick couple of galleries from some recent bayou sessions:

More to come soon ("I promise"...says Mr. Slacker from the Wake Dept.)

Volume WakeSkate Premier @ Ozone Pizza Pub

image: Volume WakeSkate Videos #1

Local bayou beater, Joey Northup was home for the holidays ands brought some little treats from Central Florida and beyond. Right on schedule for his annual effort to open the eyes of Northwest Florida to wake-riding at it's finest.

This year's effort tops 'em all with a killer showing of the new Volume Wakeskate Video Magazine and some other select creations from Joey. Keep up the insane work and for the rest of you...stay tuned for lots more wakeskate goodies to come.

image: wakeskate premier @ OzoneAs far as the was awesome. Thanks again to Susan, Brad, and the crew at Ozone for letting us terrorize your establishment for the night. We can't wait to come back for more!! See the premier pics>>>

artwork northup

image: painting by Joey Northup image: painting by Joey Northup image: painting by Joey Northup image: painting by Joey Northup

Here are a few works that are sure to impress your girlfriend's parents. These are some chocie original paintings by Joey Northup and are part of a much larger, sicker collection. Let us know what you think and maybe we'll get some more up.

UPDATE: Just got a fresh batch of images from Joey's lastest creations. Allow his unique style of coloring the canvas to dazzle and bewilder you by clicking on this link. If you are interested in sizes and prints of these works...holla.

ROAD CREW: Orlando's Finest

photo:burkeWe finally found a boardsport that makes people want to come to Pensacola. Not skating...not surfing (though we love it) ...certainly not snowboarding...but wakeskating. The world's biggest and baddest came up to our own little Bayou Texar and other local spots turnin' 'em out.

Check out a little tast of the action...

More photo galleries and video clips coming soon so don't forget to check back. We're growing as quickly as we can, but there's a ton in the pipeline.

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