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UPDATE: A couple more from a New Mexico lake

image: Nik McCue fools a nice largemouth bass on National Hunting and Fishing Dayimage: Leah McCue's man was nice enough to land her first rainbow trout for her ;)This freshwater stuff ain't so bad after all. We found a few more swimmin' around in Clayton Lake in New Mexico's barren Northeast corner. Turned out to be National Hunting and Fishing Day...I guess the fish had to cooperate. Off to Texas to see what's bitin' in those waters.

Old Salts gettin' Fresh

image: Nik McCue catches a nice largemouth bass with a topwater at sunset over Kaw Lake, OKWell how 'bout that, it took traveling way inland to get some fresh fish photos...and I do mean 'fresh'. Several of our longtime fishing contributors have made tracks to the freshwater lakes and rivers of Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Check out the gallery of largemouth, smallmouth, and striped bass landed by these previously saltwater sportsman. Not bad for a couple 'old salts".

If you have any fishing pictures and/or video that you want to share let us know and we'll make it happen. I just know you guys are out there slayin' 'em...let us hear about it!

Pensacola's Inshore Treasures

image: Jon Terhaar with slot-size redfishFinally caught word (and pictures) from a couple of our fishing contributors recently. Apparently the bay is producing some fine fish these days from both Escambia and Santa Rosa County shorelines. Check out the pictures. The waters are cooling so look for the bite to increase.

UPDATE: I got on the water...but still no fish! I'll spare you the details. Here's a picture though.

I guess I haven't been invited on any fishing trips recently. Maybe I should throw a line out and see what I get. (pardon the pun) I'm sure that Capt. Chris White with Bayside Guide Service has been out slayin' 'em lately...or maybe Capt. Jon Terhaar. I'll check with those guys and see what I come up with.

In the mean time, if you would like photo (and/or video) documentation of your upcoming fishing trip, please contact us to arrange for one of our staff photographers to join you. We'll make sure you don't go home skunked!

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