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The Life Of A 2000 Wrangler

image: Joe Hines Jeep beforePHASE I: Acquisition

Born a stock 4.0L Jeep Wrangler Sport in 2000, we'll follow this forest green off-road machine from it's boyhood to becoming a man. Early road testing , or more accurately off-road testing, proved that Jeeps are made for rugged terrain.

image: Joe Hines Jeep currentlyPHASE II: Testing the Waters

  • 2" BudgetBoost™ lift
  • 1" body lift
  • 31" Parnelli Jones Dirt Grips™
  • 15" black steel wheels
  • MileMarker™ Wench
  • WARN™ Fender Flares

image: Joe Hines Jeep afterPHASE III: Final Stages??

parts that are installed:

  • gears 4.88 by YUCON
  • lockers f/r by OX
  • f/r axles by ALLOY USA
  • rear drive shaft by TOM WOODS
  • 4.5" superflex lift by RUBICON EXPRESS
  • heavy duty steering components by CURRIE ENTERPRISES
  • 35x12.50x15 dirt grip tires by PARNELLI JONES

parts on the way:

  • stinger front bumper by SHROKWORKS
  • tirerack rear bumper by SHROKWORKS

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