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image:  prospective winners eagerly wait to hear the next raffle ticket called at the 2nd Annual Thrills in the HillsThrills in the Hills

The efforts of Superlift's various teams (ORV Park, Off Road Adventures, product marketing team) and 4 Wheel Parts crew made for a lot of smiling faces this weekend.

With a few days full of wheelin', free goodies, and one heck of a raffle; there was lots of "good time" goin' around. I don't think one trail went unconquored with everyone from first time offroaders to seasoned ORV Park veterans crawlin' and climin' all over the place. Not to mention a visit from one of this year's Top Truck Challengers!

Check the PHOTO GALLERY to see who we caught sneakin' up the trails!

We wanna give a great big thanks for our trail guides...Scott, Brian, and Seth for showing us what it like riding on the "Short Bus"...I always thought it was a bad thing but now I know what I've been missin'. Also thanks to Turner Offroad for being great neighbors!

Open Ride @ Gray Rock ORV

image: big bad jeep at the top of Whiskey Springs, Gray Rock, AlabamaNearly 400 custom off road rigs showed up at the Gray Rock ORV for the Open Ride Weekend. Anybody and everybody was invited to test out their equipment on some of the South's gnarliest terrain...and boy did people take advantage of the opportunity.

While some of the extreme off road machines were testing the limits on the freshly rain-soaked off road park, there were lots of options for the stock and slightly modified rigs, too. The diversity of trails, vehicles, drivers, riders, and spectators made for one heck of a get-together. Check out the pictures from Saturday's and Sunday's rides.

video clips (.wmv) | WALL CLIMB | BENTS-n-DENTS |
photo galleries | GRAY ROCK'N SAT | GRAY ROCK'N SUN |

BIG THANKS to Tony and the rest of the crew at the Gray Rock ORV. Good luck keepin' the "Rock" open for many future generations of off road enthusiasts to enjoy. I know I can't wait to get back!

image: Jeep Cherokee Sport flexin' for the crowd4X4 Field Testing a blast!! We were lucky enough to catch up with several local off-road enthusiasts for some testing with their newly modified off-road machines. This all-Jeep crew covered the gamut from truck to SUV to the more traditional style Jeep, but proved that everything in the Jeep line of vehicles deserves respect.

Check out the pics to ride along on a little adventure through some Florida panhandle washouts. You'll get a nice glimpse of some well equipped off-road rides and be amazed at what a 2-wheel drive SporTruck can do with that "Little Engine That Could" attitude.

The Life Of A 2000 Wrangler

UPDATE: Here's a quick [1:35 duration, 11MB file size] video from a recent test mission. Despite known issues the Wrangler passed with flying colors. Expect more soon...

image: Joe Hines Jeep beforeBorn a stock 4.0L Jeep Wrangler Sport in 2000, we'll follow this forest green off-road machine from it's boyhimage: Joe Hines Jeep currentlyimage: Joe Hines Jeep after surgeryood to becoming a man. Early road testing , or more accurately off-road testing, proved that Jeeps are made for rugged terrain; but this Jeep's owner Joe Hines couldn't keep his hand off it.

Click here to learn more about the first wave of upgrades this thing received.

While this Jeep has certainly matured during its life, it is now time to focus on fulfilling its destiny as a full grown dirt-slingin', rock-crunchin' off-road vehicle that can still maintain its "street legal" status.

Impossible? We think not and stay tuned as Side Stream Sports follows the next step of upgrades that this Jeep undergoes.

Jeeptoberfest 2005 - Ocala, FL

Dust and dirt were flyin' from the wheels of some bada$$ Jeeps at this year's Jeeptoberfest Show & Contest. The Ocala Jeep Club and Walt's Brake put on an amazing show including hundreds of Jeeps and a couple of gnarly off-road courses. Call me crazy, but I could watch Jeeps negotiate pits and rocks all day long. It was my first all Jeep event, but I've already got my TJ picked out! Those things are amazing.

We joined Jeepers from all over the Southeast and got lots of pictures. Check out the pics and see if you recognize anyone from your club.

Crawlin' Upper Tellico

Now this place is for real. We were lucky enough to stay at the Red Cloud Cabin in Sevierville, Tennessee and hit Upper Tellico OVA while some pretty heavy machinery was in place. Enjoy the pictures!

White Sand Jeep Club Rides...

We've joined up with the White Sands Jeep Club on two run nows and enjoyed every minute of 'em. While rock is hard to come by in the western tip of the Florida Panhandle, there are some great places to ride.

Check out the pictures from the rides from February 19 and March 31 of 2005. Though I can't wait to find some more spots, it sure was nice to get my fix for off road action.

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