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Innerlight Skate's Best Trick Contest

image: Jackson McBride's alleyoop flip at the Innerlight Best Trick Skate ContestThe term "best trick" has taken on a whole new meaning since I was a little tike so many years ago. These days the technical ability of the local skaters is no longer in is the imagination behind the wheel of quest to drop the "best trick".

The fine folks at Innerlight Surf and Skate employed the imagination to build some creative features for their recent best trick contest and with the Panhandle's best steppin' up to the plate, the results were insane!

Check out the galleries to see the creativity and talent at work. Big thanks to all the local skaters for comin' out and throwin' down and to Innerlight for puttin' in on!

UWF Downhill Jam

Killer job to Rhys Sharp and all the dedicated sponsors and attendees that made a cloudy, rainy day a lot more interesting. Thanks guys and can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Some new bits from GB...

Thanks to Graham Wade for squarin' up with some of his favorite tricks from his crew including Bobby Cutter, Jon Shell, Luke Sidner, Dumbacher, and more...

Into the darkness we go...

image: David Swick avoiding the 5-0 while slapping a 5-0 in the darkGetting over our fear of the dark was tpugh, but we've finally found the trick to make it less than scary. Night lights! Not your dollar store variety that keeps the boogie monsters locked in the closet; no, we mean real lights to help us capture the action.

Come along as David Swick and Ben Switzer also tackle their fear of the night. J. Nix was also on location to help capture the action, so expect to see more from this session and more in the near future. But for now...CHECK OUT THE GALLERY.

Madison Apparel Skate Contest & Launch Party

image: contestants at the Madison Skate Contest gettin' their warm-up on

UPDATE: Here's a couple recent videos from the MDSN effort:

I'm not sure where you were on July 27, 2007 but I know that you should have been at the party and skate contest hosted by upcoming clothiers, Madison Apparel. It was standing room only at the WBZ skate park on Friday night and the crowd was stoked. Big shouts to all the skaters who put on quite the show...especially contest winners, Jeb Johnson and Chris "Flex" Light! Good job, folks...I can't wait to see the next effort.

Welcome Madison Apparel to the area and to your closet. They have already shown us that their skate team kills it, that their clothes look great, and that they know how to party!

On the road to Memphis...

image: on the road to MemphisIn lieu of the standard "My Summer Vacation" report these guys opted to turn in some pictures of their recent trip to good 'ol Memphis, Tennessee.

Check out the gallery as SideStream shredders Nixon, Hess, and Swick put some serious miles on their wheels and hit some sweet spots all around the Southeast.

All Homey Hour: at the Waterboyz Skatepark

image: Jeb Johnson...loggin' some frequent flier milesWe recently hosted a serious power hour (alright several hours) of ramp jammin'. The boys totally schooled us on what park skating is capable of in the Pensacola area. But enough "blah, blah, blahs" about some pics...

Thanks to all the homies who showed up and blowed up and especially to Sean...thanks for givin' us free reign of the quaters.

A peek at the Milton skatepark

This park is the best thing to be built in the Florida panhandle for a long time. Bravo to the City of Milton to laying down the resources to build it right by hiring Team Pain... they did an insane job of sneakin' in all kinds of features. There are tons of lines and plenty of speed to connect 'em.

We'll definitely be back to get more and better shots, but here's a few from a recent session...

image: halp pipe in the woodsAnother hidden treasure

Sometimes getting off the beaten path is a real waste of time, but not always. This fun little 3' mini ramp was nestled in the woods back in a quiet little neighborhood. Another killer find.

Here one of the locals throws a few sample runs together...not too shabby.

Local Am's throwing hammers

image: herman dum YT hangin' to the video clipHere's a little (3 min. / 10MB) clip of some local amateurs laying down some solid tricks on a warm mid-summer's night.

KILLING TIME - .wmv format

These guys promise more footage soon, so we'll keep an eye out for some of the best ditch skating in NWFL. In the meantime, get out there and make some footage of your own. We'll be glad to post "sponsor me" videos. Just shoot us a heads up.

Team IL GF GB Demo

image: Team IL skater, Jesse Dillaha with a clean tailslide over the pyramid"What is that supposed to mean?!?"... you ask. Well, it means the Innerlight Skate Team dropped on the Gulf Breeze Skate Park on Good Friday for a little hammer fest. The team left no stoned unturned and no rail untouched at the concrete skatepark at the City of Gulf Breeze Recreation Center.

Innerlight was givin' away free decks, shirts, and other skate goods via free raffle and it was a choice opportunity for the public to get a glimpse of who's rockin' the streets harder than anyone in the greater P'cola arena.

If you missed it this'd be nuts to miss it next time they pop up. Even so, you know we got you covered with some photos from the demo. We'll try to keep you as informed as we are.

Mini-Rampin' in Paradise

image: blunt stall on a killer mini-rampHere's a hidden jewel if I've ever seen one...a perfect little 4' (w/ 5' extension) mini ramp with great transition and a beautiful waterfront view. It really makes you realize how much a sick little ramp in the backyard can do for your exercise regimen.

Anyone with a ramp or other mini-skate park setup should share the least in picture or video form. If you won't invite us over to skate then how else are we gonna get to check it out. Also, there's nothing like a home field advantage to skate you best. Shoot us a message and maybe we can hook up to hit your favorite local or backyard skate spot. An idea that just me be crazy enough to work!

Innerlight Skate Team tours Atlanta

image: Innerlight Skate Team...representin' in ATLThanks to Tony @ Innerlight we are lucky enough to get a glimpse of what went down on a recent skate trip to Atlanta. These kids are throwin' down some pretty heavy tricks on some pretty gnarly rails and stairs. At their age I certainly didn't have the b@lls to roll up to a rail like those. Wait, who am I kiddin'...I still don't.

This is just the beginnig though, so be ready for some more pics and other goodies comin' soon. They're in the pipeline...

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