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Pine Mountain Trail in June

image: Big Rock Falls, Pine Mountain Trail, Georgia, Wolfden LoopSummer in the South is arguably the worst time to backpack or camp in the wilderness, but our recent adventure to the backcountry didn't leave much room for improvement in any kind of weather conditions. Generally mild with a couple of showers to cool things off and breath freshness into the air was all we could have asked for.

Wildlife photography hunting is always on the menu when headed outdoors, but we bagged some waterfalls that were the real treat of the trip. Check out Graham's, Leah's, and Nik's galleries to see what I'm talking about. And remember, even in the scorching summer heat you can still score big on a trip to the woods. Get outside!

Discovering the West...Again

When the hurricanes (and/or other "natural" disasters) It may be time to set out on the trails. Of course, you never really need a reason but sometimes the timing speaks to you louder than others. The time was right to launch a long overdue discovery mission through the "Old West". Here are some galleries to hopefully serve as impetus for you to get planning your next trip...

Natchez Trace, Mississippi

image: CAPTION - A Forest Highway...along the Natchez TraceWhile the Natchez Trace is not really a footpath anymore (except for certain sections) we thought that it more than deserves to be highlighted. On our second trip through, it was just an fascinating as the first. The Natchez Trail is as rich in history as any area in the U.S. and played a major role in many time periods.

At just over 400 miles, it not to tough to convince even the most seasoned hiker / backpacker that it is better experienced via combustion engine. Commercial vehicles and establishments are restricted and the speed limit is 50MPH the whole way through. Check out the pictures for a little glimpse into the past...but make the trip if you ever get a chance.

image: hiker sign near Garcon Point South Loop trailheadGarcon Point Trail - South Loop

When was the last time you saw a beautifully managed coastal area that is protected and preserved for your enjoyment? Probably too long! For a quick opportunity to experience a coastal floodplain "a pied' , or by foot, head south on Avalon Blvd. to Garcon Point and look for the signs and parking areas at the trailheads.

We opted to hit the South Loop at 1.5 miles and enjoyed every step. Click here to view some pictures of the trail one perfect near-Spring morning.

image: bear statues near trailheadBear Lake Loop

You know when you get a new toy and you just can't wait to play with it?!? Well that's what brought us to the Bear Lake Loop in Blackwater State Forest. A new lens of mine that needed to be used...outside and fast. Of course, it was my pleasure to be the one to break it in on the trail.

Hiking through the Florida Panhandle wilderness in the winter reminds me why every snowbird (figurative and literal) flocks this way during the snowy months. Take a peak for yourself to see what I'm talking about...

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